Instagram: @vanilleaa
  • Height: 170cm/5' 7''
  • Bust: 84cm/33''
  • Waist: 67cm/26½''
  • Hips: 89cm/35''
  • Dress: 36/8
  • Shoes: 37/4
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown

Born in France and raised on a small island off the coast of South Africa "Reunion". From French, Congolese and vietnamese descent. Passionate about a variety of sports: dance, athletics, swimming, tennis, gymnastics, boxing and has now found a new passion in "Health & Fitness" where she can express her love for movement. No two sessions are the same, from calisthenics workouts, to plyometric trainings, to body weight workouts, endurance cardio as well as isolation (targeting a specific muscle group) . She incorporates a variety of exercises into every session, focusing on improving power and explosiveness that she incorporates into her circuit training. Thanks to her methods of training she can improve, breathing, relaxation, speed, mobility and flexibility. She enjoys pushing her body through her variety of workouts, all while enjoying it and having fun. Across her social media she shares her love for food and cooking healthy. As a vegan and fitness enthusiast she's known for sharing her fun gym routines and healthy colourful vegan recipes. She has recently finished her studies in ISG business school. Five great years during which she traveled around the world. She lives an open-minded life and her goal is to be better today than yesterday in everything she does.

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