Instagram: @elliottreeder
  • Height: 188.5cm/6' 2''
  • Chest: 97cm/38''
  • Inside leg: 86cm/34''
  • Collar: 41cm/16''
  • Waist: 81cm/32''
  • Shoes: 44.5/10
  • Hair: Dark blonde
  • Eyes: Blue

Elliott’s background in sport started at a very young age playing a variety of sports throughout his early school years. In particular football and rugby. He tried to pursue both for as long as possible but at the age of 11 decided to focus his attention on football and joined Stevenage borough academy. After playing with them for a season he decided he missed rugby and the social aspect of the sport too much. He made the decision to leave his football career behind and came back to play rugby with his Home friends. Shortly after that he was picked up by saracens academy at 13 and remained there until the age of 18. And for him, this was a long term goal. He left school at 16 and attended Oakland’s college to further his rugby career by training full time there alongside Saracens rugby club. In his first year of college Elliott suffered from a stress fracture in his fifth metatarsal which meant he missed out on his final year in the academy. In order to recover from his injury Elliot spent a lot of time in the gym focusing on rehab and focusing on strengthening other parts of his body. This was a hugely frustrating period for Elliot, but during this time further opportunities surfaced as he was scouted by a modelling agency in London. Now modelling full time Elliot spends a lot of time in the gym looking after his health and fitness. And now focuses his attention on modelling full time. Elliott still spends plenty of time in the gym even though his goals have changed, Gym and nutrition play a huge part in his life now more than ever.

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